Veloci Cycle in Taiwan Cycle Show (L0010 4F)

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來自台灣唯一少數專門托廣旅行車/CX/Gravel Bike的單車品牌 Veloci Cycle,最近網站已經悄悄地改版,也推出各式2017新車架,喜歡鋼管旅行車的朋友,真的不要錯過,就跟Stubborn Cycleworks 一樣,東西很讚了,跟國外品質一樣,就不要到時候紅了,才在問哪裡買,自行車類種不只是有競技公路車!




We are VELOCI CYCLE. Steel bike is our passion and our live culture. We invites you to 2017 TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL CYCLE SHOW. Check out our product line at booth L0010 4F.